Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin's amazing line, truly sets a guideline for designing i wonder y preschool's curriculum. All the activities are intentionally created to give children a more hands-on approach towards learning. They use all their five senses to capture the concept presented in a very fun and a playful way.

At i wonder y, the curriculum is designed such that the children not only get exposed to numbers, letters, and shapes but, more importantly, they learn how to socialize -- get along with other children, share, and contribute to circle time. It sets the foundation for a very important group experience before the child starts kindergarten. Curiosity among these little busy bees is given lot of importance and children are given lot of space and comfort to find answers through exploration, experimentation, and conversation.

Our curriculum is based on Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligence. To quote him,

I claim that human beings have a number of relatively discrete intellectual capacities.

These discrete intellectual capacities are what we at i wonder y are set to decipher for your child.

According to this theory a mere IQ test, which tests only linguistic or mathematical intelligence will not suffice to be a ahead of others in the 21st century. We truly believe that every child is highly intelligent in his/her own gifted space. So our curriculum gives equal importance to various kinds of learning shown in the Multiple Intelligence chart below and has a very holistic approach. This helps them to explore their strengths and grow up as confident and successful individuals. Here we leverage the best of different teaching philosophies of early childhood education like Montessori Method, Waldorf Education, Reggio Emilia Approach and we have come up with a very inclusive and complete curriculum for our children. We believe in Swami Vivekananda's words.

Whatever you become is solely a result of all the impressions; big and small, that you have carried in your mind since the day you were in your mother's womb !

Hence, we here aim to inculcate all what we can from the very young years of your child's life to give him/her a smarter better quality of life ahead.

Multiple Intelligence Chart

Multiple Intelligence of I Wonder Y

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